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AC Repair Louisville, KY & Full HVAC Services

Losing your cooling at home takes an entirely new turn once your air conditioner starts acting up. Being unable to control your home's indoor temperatures is a stressor that you shouldn’t consider going through. While temperatures may get better as the sun goes down, surviving the hot summer temperatures can be unbearable.
Fortunately, you don’t have to let these conditions get out of hand. Our team of technicians are on standby and ready to take away these potential stressors. While other companies might be working according to the clock, our experts work around the clock to ensure that our customers are always comfortable in their homes.


Why Mitch Heating & Cooling For Your Louisville Air Conditioning & Heating Needs?

Finding the best heating and cooling service contractors is tricky. Unfortunately, there is a wide gap between services provided by various companies. For instance, instead of identifying and fixing the cause of the problem, some technicians find easy fix alternatives that won’t last long. If you fall into the hands of such contractors, it won’t be long before your air conditioner breaks down again, making it costly to repair your system.

However, at Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling, we do everything differently right from our first point of contact. Once our team gets to the ground, we begin by conducting a thorough assessment to identify the cause of the issue. With this, we can make a decision and advise our client if their air conditioner will be better off repaired or replaced.

Unlike most technicians, we don’t exaggerate the issue affecting your air conditioner. We report as it is, be it in a redeemable or irredeemable state. For instance, if repairing won’t provide a long-term solution, we provide actual recommendations without bias. If getting a new unit will be a cost-effective option, we will gladly give such honest advice. Our technicians work with the utmost integrity in everything they do. We also strive to complete the installation, repair, or maintenance project within your budget.

It is also essential that you hire an experienced team to handle your HVAC repair issues. The fragile nature of these units makes them susceptible to additional damages during repair. Therefore, ensure that you choose a team that understands their work intensely. This is another feature that our professionals take seriously. We identify fragile elements that need extra care during our assessment and spend considerable time working on them.


About Our Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Work

While it is prudent to research and compare various air conditioning installation and repair service providers, there is no need to waste a lot of time making these comparisons. We are among the leading service providers, having provided these services to homeowners and owners of commercial buildings for several years. We can also provide the same service to you.

To schedule air conditioning installation or repair service for your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact our ever-ready support team, either by calls or online.