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Clarksville IN Air Duct Sealing, Repair & Installation | Improve Ductwork System Airflow

Most homeowners understand the benefits of modern cooling and heating solutions, as well as that of upgraded home insulation. However, many homeowners fail to understand the impact their home’s air ducts can have on home efficiency. In many cases, the efficiency of several climate control systems is only around 60% - 75% due to inadequate airflow through the ductwork.
At Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling, we are specialists in duct sealing and airflow testing. We are more than capable of keeping your home HVAC system operating as smoothly and efficiently as possible. When your duct system has been properly insulated and sealed, you will immediately notice that your energy bills are lower and that your home environment is more comfortable overall. If you are interested in home duct sealing, be sure to contact us today to get started with a free estimate.

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The duct system within your home is responsible for distributing the air to cool or heat throughout the house. When it works as it should, your home’s duct system should evenly distribute this air, and your rooms should reach the desired and programmed air temperature swiftly and effectively. However, if your ducts are blocked, are experiencing leaks, or are not large enough, then your air conditioning system or furnace will have to work harder to bring your home up or down to the desired temperature.


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Are you ready to start sealing up those leaks in your air ducts and having your home climate control system working as good as new again? Mitch Craig is here to provide you with the air duct sealing and air flow testing services you need the most. Our dedicated team of experienced technicians will evaluate your home with the utmost care and recommend the proper solutions to suit your needs. So be sure to give our dedicated team a call today, and chat with one of our representatives about the options available to you. We’ll also get you started with a free estimate!

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