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Furnace Repair New Albany Near You | Top Heating Maintenance Service & Installations

Though residents of New Albany, Indiana, are lucky enough to bask in warm weather throughout the majority of the year, temperatures in the city do drop down for quite some time. When this happens, it's time for your home heating system to go to work, but what do you do when it gives up the ghost? Turn to Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling. Our team of highly-trained contractors in New Albany is capable of providing you with efficient furnace repair services in our service area, helping you restore your New Albany heating system in no time.


Heater Installation and Maintenance Services Near You

Your heating and air conditioning system is an essential component of your New Albany, Indiana home because it helps you keep warm and comfortable whenever temperatures drop. Unfortunately, any furnace or cooling unit is prone to breakdown once in a while due to wear and tear. That’s the reason why you need reputable furnace and air conditioning repair technicians like Mitch Craig Heating and Cooling, who can come to your aid in your hour of need.

Our expertise in New Albany heating and furnace repair comes in handy if you need your HVAC system revamped. We deliver reliable services that you can trust with our rich experience, craft, and swift services. When you choose us to be your heating and furnace repair company in New Albany, it will give you peace of mind, your home’s comfort, and the restoration of your system’s operation within a short time.


Need Your Furnace Installed or Fixed in New Albany, IN? Call Our Nearby Experts!

When your system goes on the blink, it is of the utmost importance that you do not ignore the issue. The longer you procrastinate repairing your New Albany heating and air conditioning system, the more likely even the most minor issue will develop into a significant problem.
If you want to identify and address the problem early, you should monitor your heat pump and heating system for these warning signs that might indicate that it's time for a repair:

  1. Your New Albany energy bills have increased dramatically.
  2. Your New Albany home does not maintain the temperature that you set.
  3. The furnace produces loud, strange sounds.
  4. Your heating system is delivering cool air. 

If you need reliable and trusted furnace and air conditioning technicians on your side around New Albany, then there's nobody better to call than Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling. With our experienced heating and air conditioning specialists and swift HVAC services, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will take care of the problem at hand in record time, reliably, to restore the operation of your unit and the comfort of your home. In addition, we understand that there's probably nothing more frustrating than having your heating system shut off in the middle of a cold night.
Be sure to give us a call today for HVAC services, and chat with one of our friendly representatives at Mitch Craig Heating and Cooling. They will be more than happy to detail all of the heating, air conditioning, and furnace repair and maintenance options available to you.

Other Areas We Provide Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Clarksville, IN
  • Louisville, KY
  • Sellersburg, IN
  • Floyds Knobs
  • and the rest of Southern Indiana


The History of Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling

Founded in 2010, Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling LLC is different from any other HVAC company. Founder Mitch Craig was inspired to start his own business because he felt he could offer superior service and a higher quality of work. With a desire to do better for his customers, he put together an elite team of HVAC professionals, many of which have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling LLC is built on the values of honesty, quality, hard work, and integrity. We won’t sell products you don’t need, because being honest is more important to us than making a sale. Our work is of the highest quality, so our customers get the most out of their investment, and in turn, improve the comfort of their homes.

We work hard to bring excellent work to every customer, and we know our customers work hard to earn the money they spend on our services. Above all else, they expect and deserve to be left with a good quality job. We aim to bring the best HVAC services in Southern Indiana and the greater Louisville area to you!

A Few Ways we set ourselves apart from the competition:

  • We promise to be there for the customer after the initial job if any needs arise.
  • Furthermore, we always strive to make the customer 100% happy and complete the highest quality work.
  • Lastly, we clean up after ourselves at the end of the day and go the extra mile for our customers to respect their homes and property.