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Homeowners have always believed and trusted us for their sheet metal fabrication needs. Our experienced HVAC technicians can provide any sheet metal fabrication services you need, from larger projects like custom air ducts to smaller projects like fixing your existing air duct with a different custom fitting.

Ducts have a significant role to play when it comes to heating and conditioning the air in your home. They are more important than you might think, and often homeowners take them for granted. Instead, you should invest in a custom-made duct system with a good design so that fresh air travels to all the rooms in your home.

You gain a lot by choosing us to create custom pieces for your repair services and installation. You will quickly see that our trained specialists are the best option for your custom ductwork because you will enjoy increased airflow efficiency and improved air quality if you choose us.


Find Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Services Near Your Area

There are a variety of reasons why sheet metal is used in duct systems. It is proven to be highly effective and has less chances of leaking. If you want to update the ducts in your home, or you are moving to a new home, sheet metal is a quality material that will last long when installed well.

The team at Mitch Craig HVAC has earned an excellent reputation for providing out-of-the-world services that stand the test of time. We offer custom sheet metal fabrication services which have served many homeowners around town and provided them with efficient cooling and heating systems.

Our custom sheet metal fabrication services have earned a good reputation, and we are up for the challenge whenever you want us to provide our services to you. Our experienced technicians will plan an initial appointment with you to review what you need, after which we will take measurements. We will then carry out design and planning to provide you with the best custom fittings to replace your air ducts.

We know the importance of being detailed, and we will do so when mapping out the entire airflow system in your house. Then, depending on your needs, we will create a custom air duct system that will offer the best airflow. 


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You should always ensure that your house is equipped with the best cooling or heating system so that you can make the most out of your investment. For example, it is not wise to buy a heating or AC system that lacks a proper duct system, like building a home without a foundation.

It is for this reason that we offer service calls for custom ductwork. We have been serving the community for years, and we find pride in our ductwork services which have maximized home comfort and improved airflow in many houses.

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